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1 Common Habit Killing Your Confidence

It's a sneaky way.

Believe me, I've fallen for time to time. And I bet you're letting these ONE habit take away your confidence. Well, limiting and getting ridding of this one habit will significantly boost your confidence.

Okay, okay, I'll stop blabbing and get on with it:

Masturbation is the habit killing your natural confidence. In my short ebook I briefly mention why. And for those of you new here, I'll explain.

When you jerk one off, you deplete your testosterone. With depleted testosterone, you drain your natural confidence that comes form this hormone.

With constant depleted testosterone, you won't take calculated risks, you will be tired, and will have no motivation.

I'll tell you a story: I went 100 days without jerking off or not having sex, just to experiment. And boy, was I different man. I'm not kidding, I had so much energy, aggression (sexually with girls too). My workouts were intense, sports I was the anti-Christ.

Now what's crazy is that when you don't tug one off, your confidence naturally comes into place. Natural I say (and I say this quite a bit), because you're not supposed to jerk off so much!

I know, crazy.

What's even crazier when you don't jerk off, you'll have an edge over most guys. That's a fact. Most of our friends or peers, watch porn and jerk one off. When you stop, you will have this aura.

It's hard to explain, but people will sense something different from you.

Now benefits sound great, but you're wondering how do I stop this habit. And I hear you, the journey to stopping this habit takes hard work.

In my 'Quit Tugging' product, I show you the strategies in overcoming your masturbation habits.

This product will be only available this week.

And you can get at the link below.


Vigorous Evolution

Helping young men build and develop their self-confidence for a greater life.

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