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3 Steps to Being Charismatic

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Who wants to be more charismatic?

Well I hope everyone reading this says yes.

Because with charisma, you can have more influence, dates, and position yourself for other opportunities.

Well, enough of the benefits (since they are endless), and here are the 5 steps:

1. Smile more.

2. Listen more than you talk.

3. Ask people questions about them (use the FORD method).

4. Practice "Actively Listening."

5. Don't be afraid to give your opinion.

Now that's really it. Obviously I could list more, but these are the core that I found to have worked for me.

However, the last point I find most people struggle with.

Well, here's a little reminder for you.

If you are willing to tell people your opinion without being overly conscious, you'll find people will respect you more than if you just agreed with them and tried to avoid conflict.

Because that shows confidence in your ideas and in yourself.

Obviously you want to listen and make people feel like a million bucks. But when you let your opinion be known and back it up with reason and what not. People will naturally come to see you as a leader.

And for the love of God, this takes practice.

You ain't going to be a star just by reading.


Every time you interact with friends, practice these steps. You'll be amazed with how people will not only enjoy being around you, but also respect you.

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