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A lesson from the show Modern Family

Right now I’m watching a series called Modern Family with my lady.

If you don’t know the show, it follows three families that are related to each other.

And one of those families is Jay and Gloria with their two kids.

Jay is a wealthy 60ish years old man with his very attractive 40ish years old Colombian wife.

As you can imagine, a lot of things can happen when two very different people are in a relationship. And in one Halloween episode, Jay decides to dress as prince charming and wears a wig.

The act of wearing a wig revitalized Jay since he is bald.

Wearing the wig gave him an extra kick in everything he was doing. He was living life with such enthusiasm that it gets his wife into the mood to make some passionate love.

Realizing the benefits of the wig, Jay starts thinking about getting hair plugs.

He consults his wife about it and argues that she found him more attractive because of the wig.

His wife tells him he is dead wrong.

The reason she was more attracted to him was that he showed enthusiasm!

It wasn’t the wig, it was that he found a passion for life.

And this got me thinking (like usual), isn’t enthusiasm for life what we’re missing?

We’re always thinking we need something to make our selves better and more attractive.

We think we need a high paying job, a nice car, a nice place, a nice career, etc.

Yet, as some of you will know, when you achieve some or all of that, you still don’t get the attention you feel you deserve.

And that’s because you’re not showing enthusiasm for life.

If you have all the riches in life but are a boring person, people will tolerate you but not love you.

Yet if you had little but a lot of enthusiasm, you will have more people in your circle who will appreciate and love you.

One complaint you hear often from girls about guys is ‘he’s boring.’

Think about it.

Who are the people that move you and get you interested in things you once never cared for?

It’s the person who was the most enthusiastic about it.

Having enthusiasm will take you far in life.

It will make the mundane exciting.

It will make you more interesting and attractive.

It will make you get the most out of life.

Yet most people forget that child-like passion for life and just become another manufactured individual who is indistinguishable from the other millions of people in the Western world.

Sooooo start building that passion for life and exude enthusiasm in everything you do.

And when you live a life with enthusiasm, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

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