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A simple reminder about your humanity

No long email today.

Because I want to remind you of something important that most of us forget. It will seem banal or obvious, but not understanding this crucial insight will make life unnecessarily harder.

So what is this reminder?

Stop judging yourself for being human. The reason I say this is because too many people feel certain emotions like envy, pain, anger, resentment, jealousy, [or any uncomfortable emotion]. Then proceed to judge themselves harshly for it.

This is ludicrous.

The reason those emotions exist is that they are part of being human. Now, I am not saying to act on these feelings. But to allow yourself to feel them through. You must understand that those emotions will always be a part of you. And if you judge yourself for feeling emotions, you are making things worse. Because you are not allowing yourself to process the emotions, and second, you are dehumanizing yourself unfairly.


Yes, because if you are castigating yourself for being human, you must have nonhuman standards. For some reason, you think it's not right to feel those uncomfortable emotions, and others don't feel them. Yet, this is all wrong. So you and humanity don't meet your inhuman requirements.

What is the way to change this?

Be okay with your emotions. Don't act on all of them. But allow them to be processed through you. Learn to let your emotions be a part of you.

This will be uncomfortable.

It's learning to sit in your own shit. This is not the sexiest advice, but it's one you need to hear. Otherwise, you will live a life fighting yourself to do human things.

It's not easy being human.

And the last thing we need is to be our worst enemies.

So be human.

And allow yourself to feel your emotions. And soon enough, you'll learn to not only humanize yourself but everyone around you.

Until next time,


The Charismatic Nerd


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