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Another Aphorism To Ponder on

There is one thing I hate about aphorisms.

It's not that they pack a punch in a few words. Or how most of them are centuries old. Or how I gotta figure out the meaning.

What I hate about them most is that they are never around when I need them! For example, I will share one aphorism I wished I had before starting any new endeavour.

Here it is:

"Few things are impossible in themselves; we lack the diligence to make them succeed rather than the means." François de La Rochefoucauld

If I had to take a pill of self-honesty, many of my past failures were not due to my lack of ability or the means. But my lack of patience to commit to my projects and goals.

Some of you might know that I started YouTube in 2014. I had the enthusiasm, content, and all to make a serious run. But I just lacked the diligence. After not posting for a while, I eventually found my way back to YouTube but wasted many content-producing years.

But enough about me.

I want you to learn from my mistakes. The next time you have a serious project or goal, remember François de La Rochefoucauld's aphorism.

Have it there to remind you that few things are impossible. And for the most part, you just need diligence. Yes, things might be slow and challenging, but commit.

Because sooner or later, things will turn out.

And since I am in a giving mood, let me pass another aphorism to you:

"There is no problem so difficult that it can not be solved by investigation." - Publius Syrus.

This aphorism and the earlier one are now there for you before embarking on anything challenging. Read them, memorize them, whatever. Because when the going gets tough, those two should help push you across the finish line.

Until next time,


The Charismatic Nerd


Next week will be the return of my longer articles. So buckle up!


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