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Bruce Lee's tip on living life

Been on a Bruce Lee phase a little bit.

Bruce Lee was so many things. A fighter, a philosopher, and above all a man living his life. I was watching clips of the movie Enter the Dragon. It's a scene where Bruce Lee and his Teacher are talking. The Teacher asks Bruce Lee 'what is the highest technique you hope to achieve?' And Bruce Lee responds 'to have no technique.' That was profound. In this day and age, all I hear are techniques to get laid more, to be more masculine, to be more fit, to be more respected etc. Yet, when you love your life truthfully and express yourself honestly (Bruce Lee talks a lot about this), you have no needs for techniques. Instead of worrying about getting laid more, focus on being a socially dynamic person. Instead of focusing on random weight training programs, make fitness a part of your life. You get the idea? Life isn't meant to execute techniques at specific times. Life is meant to be lived. Some friends think I practise game. I don't, I just live. I will be social with girls, men, young, old etc. I have a passion for life, or better put, an enthusiasm for life. And that attracts people to me. So for you young grasshopper, don't worry about techniques at all, but instead find the enthusiasm for your life. And if this seems like a daunting task, then feel free to book a confidence building session with me by replying to this post. Until next time, Bulcha

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