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Caring less about what others think about you

I was speaking with a friend last night.

And we were catching up and all. He started telling me about his dating life.

Since he is a ladies’ man, he has funny stories. But he told me how he kind of messed it up with a chick.

He went on to tell me that they walked in a park and chatted it up for a couple of hours. Then when it was time to leave, there was an awkward moment of silence between them, and then they went their separate ways.

My friend immediately realized that was his moment to kiss her but royally screwed up.

He tried messaging a couple of days later, but the girl ghosted him.

My friend was a little down from making a rookie mistake and annoyed that the girl thought of him as passive.

I just told my friend to not worry about it since it happens to all of us.

Yet, I started wondering why we care so much about what other people think of us, especially if they are people we don’t know too well.

And this made me realize that people don’t remember their mortality. They think that they are going to live forever, so in the meantime, they want to make sure that nobody has a bad opinion of them.

Obviously, that illusion is false, but the reason people fall for it is that they forget about death.

So to combat this, we need to swallow the tough pill and remember that death is always near.

Any moment could be our last.

Whether that’s thinking about the next meal, walking, talking to a friend. We could be alive one moment and then be dead in the next.

So we need to treat every moment of our lives as if it’s the last moment.

When you treat every moment like it’s your last, you will naturally care less what other people think of you. When you realize you can die at any moment, you quickly realize how sad it would be that your last thoughts were about what another person thought of you, especially if the person is not a close friend or family?

It’s embarrassing to see how much time we waste caring about what others think.

Mind you, it’s part of human nature to care what others think.

But to obsess over it, you see, that’s wrong.

We obsess over it cus we foolishly think we are going to live forever and that if we don’t do something to change the other person’s opinion then we will be blackballed for eternity.

When you realize that every second is ticking away from your life, you realize that many people’s opinions are worthless to you.

The thought of mortality will give you so many benefits. And I have mentioned so many before.

So the next time you start fretting about someone’s opinion. Just remember that you could die at any moment.

And that’s going to clear the fog in your eyes.

Life is too precious to waste it on people who don’t see our value.

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