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Don’t ever forget this about yourself

This past weekend, some insecurities were bothering me.

I was looking at my face and noticed some small scars. These scars have been on my face for years and they are not noticeable unless you’re very close to my face.

But for whatever reason, this made me very insecure and I started wondering if these scars made me look bad. I was looking at old photos, checking myself in the mirror many times in the day.

All this to ensure that I didn’t look bad.

It was driving me crazy and I couldn’t help but feel bad about myself.

It’s as if I lost my swagger.

And then in the middle of this funk, I remembered one thing that I totally forgot and that many of us tend to forget.

I remembered that I was human.

Not just any type of human, but a flawed one, like billions of other people in this world.

When I remembered that, I felt instantly better.

Because why was I was thinking that I needed to be perfect. My scars show I’m human. To have no flaws in me is to show that I am not human at all.

Many people today forget this.

They think they need to have the perfect body, skin, face, style, etc.

Yet, trying to maintain all that is exhausting.

No person in the history of the world was ever perfect.

Not one single one.

Then why do we have this ridiculous standard for ourselves and think we have to be perfect?

Honestly, going on social media doesn’t help.

The more time we spend on social media or the internet, the more we see the highlight reels of people’s lives and are reminded of our insecurities.

Social media and the internet for that matter are filled with a lot of lies.

People are not perfect. Even if some were perfect, human beings are not attracted to perfection.

In fact, people are attracted to others who don’t try to hider their flaws. Because when we see other people accept their own flaws, it reminds us that it’s okay to be human.

It reminds us it’s okay to be our true selves.

We don’t need to be perfect.

In fact, like the legendary Pook once wrote, Perfect is Boring.

If there is anything I want to accomplish with The Charismatic Nerd, it’s to show you that it’s okay to be your true and flawed self. And everything you should be doing in life should be helping you fulfill your true nature and potential.

So the next time your insecurities are hampering you, remember that you were never meant to be perfect.

In your life, the only thing you are ever meant to be is you.

The beautiful, flawed, human you.

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