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Eye of the Confident Tiger

Don't you love those inspirational pop hits?

My two favorite inspirational songs are Eye of the Tiger, and You're the Best. When these songs are on (especially in the gym) I feel unstoppable.

Back when I was a low self-confident fellow, these songs would give me a taste of what unwavering self-confidence was like. Then when I was done listening to them, that little taste was gone.

Oh, how I wished that the feeling of self-belief could stay, but it didn't. Many guys go through this external based confidence, but just not in ways you'd imagined.

You know a guy who takes too much pride in his job? I bet you do, well that guy is no different than me when I was listening to those inspirational songs. Because when you take away that guy's job, what does he have left for validation? Nothing.

How about the jock at school. Where is his confidence based in? Obviously in his sport, but once his playing days are gone, he deteriorates.

See, the problem that I, the jock, and the guy over-identifying with his job had is that we based our confidence on something that is external. When you do that, you'll never get that peace of mind or self-assurance. Because deep down you know that the confidence you have will disappear.

That's not a way to build your confidence or live your life. You have to have the self-assurance that no matter the situation, you will still respect and love yourself.

For many of us, we were never taught this properly. So if you need help in building a solid internal foundation of confidence, then reply to this post to book a consultation.

Until next time,


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