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Faking It till You Make it is a LIE

We've all heard this.

Fake it till you make it. Friends, family, motivational speaker.Well I got two words for them: Fuck Off.

Now I know this seems aggressive, but this mantra of faking it till you make it is not tackling the root issue, especially for confidence. Seriously, how can you fake it when your habits, friends, life is all relatively the same.

Following this ideology doesn't tackle the root issue, which is improving yourself. What are you doing everyday that is making yourself better? Are you working out consistently? Are you reading a book? Are you making new friends?

You see, when you just fake it, you're not really taking the right actions that will help you naturally grow a long-lasting confidence. I've known guys who did this faking till they make it, and honestly, they got short term gains like girls, jobs, etc.

But over time they would quickly lose what they gained. Since keeping this fakery will only expose them in the future. It's not a great long term strategy.

A great strategy is realizing you need to put consistent work on yourself everyday. It's not sexy. Many motivational gurus or dating coaches will not mention this (otherwise people would not pay them).

Work on yourself, be deliberate, and be consistent. Every. God. Damn. Day.

And if you're struggling where to start, I show you how to improve your confidence within 30 days in six simple (but not easy) steps.

Clink on the link below.


Vigorous Evolution

Helping young men build and develop their self-confidence for a greater life.

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