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Following Society's Rules Will Screw You Over

Yup, you read that right.

Don't believe me, well let me tell you a little story about someone who followed all of Society's "rules."

There is this one guy I went to University with. He was a smart fellow, but average overall.

Anyways, this guys listened to his parents growing up, got good grades, never caused trouble, went to university, graduated, and got a job.

This guy did everything right, but yet he didn't feel like he accomplished much in his life.

He was nervous around girls; afraid of conflict, and lives a boring life.

This guy lived his life by following society's rules. He respected women more than himself. He respected his peers more than himself. He respected everybody else but himself.

And now look at him. He has a good job but no lover, no new friends, and no fulfillment in life.

A lot of guys are just like my friend, and it seems like more men are becoming this way. BUT you don't have to.

No, my friend, you have the opportunity to build a life that gives you fulfillment. If you read and implement (I swear to God you better implement) my free guide on building your confidence, you'll be well on your way to living a fulfilling life.

Now, because we all can't be selfish, share this email with at least five friends who you think would benefit from my free guide.

The link is right here: 30 Day Confidence Building Guide

Until next time guys, take care.


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