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How to start having fun summers

Can the Eiffel tower grow like a child?

This seems foolish to ask or even think. Buildings, let alone towers, are not living organisms.

So they cannot grow.

We learned this in school; we've seen it with our eyes and understand this fact thoroughly. Yet, the Eiffel tower is an exception.

It can grow.

And shrink as well. So the Eiffel tower you see in August might be a slightly different size than the one you see in February.

But how does this happen?

Well, when it gets hot, the metals in the tower absorb heat which causes it to expand. Thus leading it to get taller by 6 inches! But when the weather cools, the metals retract, which causes the tower to lose its gained inches. The height of the Eiffel tower is dependent on the season.

But when it comes to brainstorming fun activities, the season you're in determines what you can do. And the one season that gives you the most flexibility is the summer.

It's the time of the year when people can do various activities. Yet most waste their summer being on the internet or playing video games.

But in this article, we'll discuss how to make this upcoming summer fun. And hopefully, this will be the first of many fun summers in your life.

So, where do we start?

The simplest way to start your summer off with a bang, where you will have weekly fun, meet new people, and create fun stories, is by joining a rec league sports team.

But what if you're not a sporty person.

Listen, this is recreation and not competitive. So, to begin with, most people suck at the sport, so don't fret about it. Rec league is all about having fun over winning.

Anyways, back to my main point.

Rec league sports are a great way to have a fun summer. Because besides playing the sport. You are committed to getting to know people you would have otherwise not met. And this can spark your social (and dating) life where you can hang out with your teammates outside of games. Or them introducing you to their social circle and vice versa.

You get the idea.

Rec league sports is a based on being social and creating memories. Plus, it's super simple to get. Sign up for your local rec league in whatever sport you like, then commit.

But, rec league sports is the easy way to start having a fun summer. Let's get to one that requires a little more effort.

Initiating some form of a weekly get-together

Some will cringe at this. So much effort is involved in trying to organize a get-together. And most don't think it's worth the effort.

But don't think of it as black and white.

A get-together can be two or three people to fifteen. So do what's comfortable to you.

Yet, it's on you to start.

People are flaky and/or lazy. So if you want a fun summer, you have to be the one to get things organized.

Be the one to invite people out.

Be the one to organize a bbq.

Be the one to set up a board game night.

Whatever it is you like, invite someone to join you. It doesn't have to be the same people; it can be whoever you know or just met. The point is to get in the habit of doing something weekly (besides rec league sports) with your friends. This way, you can deepen friendships and create stories or new experiences.

You see a recurring theme.

Life is all about having experiences and tall tales. Looking back, you want to be able to retell the things you have done. But that requires you to take the initiative in life. And another thing that needs initiative, but a lot of it is road trips.

Road Trips

Now now, this is a big ask. And I do not even deny it. Road trips can be stressful and a pain in the butt when involving more than one person.

Yet, it's still worth it.

Because there are some things you can only get on a road trip. Because of the short duration and intensity, it's a different experience.

It's hard to explain, but a road trip's chaos makes it both frustrating and wonderful. And the summer is the best time to do this.

Yet, road trips can be made once or twice in the summer. Because it is an intense affair, one usually does the trick for the summer. But, if you want to ensure a fun summer, there must be at least one road trip.

And please don't overcomplicate it.

You can visit areas a few hours from your city or much farther. You decide but make a serious effort.

That being said, some will flat out refuse to want a fun summer. And instead will wish for a quiet one.

Wanting a chill summer

I was the victim of this thought. Why have a fun and an intense summer when I can have a simple and quiet one? This thought dominated my mind in my 20's. Causing me to have simple summers.

But I regret it.

Because I rarely created new or fun experiences. And as a result, most of my summers in my 20s were forgettable. No summer then stands out in my memory. And funny enough, during my 20's, I envied people who did have fun summers. But only realized I was wasting my summer when it was over.

I wish I had taken an approach of moderation.

Where I could have a chill summer but made an effort to create a more interesting one. All I had to do was participate in the three activities I mentioned. And I would have realized that having a chill but fun summer is possible.

Think about it yourself.

I'm not asking you to be doing something every day. In fact, at most, two days of your week involve an activity. And then that one spontaneous road trip.

People (including my old self) think they have to go balls to the walls. And that's not the case. It's all a moderate approach.

The three methods I mentioned help take one from having a quiet summer to one that is doable and fun.

And I saw other people have fun summers every year. In fact, I lived with these people.

My frat roommates

If you don't know, I spent two years living with frat guys. It was an exciting experience. I observed a lot of crazy things during that time.

And one thing I noticed was how every summer was somehow a banger. Mind you, these guys were not the smartest or most socially intelligent.

But they knew how to have fun.

And the way they did that was by the three methods I mentioned. From those three methods, they could create unforgettable moments, crazy stories, and most importantly, deepening friendships.

These guys played rec league baseball, did road trips for raves, and had some form of weekly get-togethers.

And I did not take part in any of that.

Because I fell for the stupid idea of wanting a chill summer. As a result, my summers were forgettable, and my roommates weren't.

So don't make the same mistake as me. And speaking of errors, please avoid this one.

Waiting to be invited

One lesson I had to learn hard is that nobody will save me. Nobody is going to bring me into their world.

This mistake made me wait to be invited by others. I thought someone would include me in their fun summers. As a result, I was waiting forever.

Don't fall for this mistake.

Take the initiative and create not only the summer you want but also the life.

Life starts with you.

So don't wait for anybody. Do your thing and create memorable experiences. As we speak, life is vanishing before our eyes.

And something else that is disappearing is me finding words to keep writing. So let's wrap this up.


  • Rec league sports, weekly get-togethers, and road trips are three ways to have a fun summer.

  • Rec leagues sports is a simple way to meet people and have fun. Since it is a rec league, the game is not competitive and is geared toward being social.

  • With weekly get-togethers, you are taking the initiative to do things with your friends. It can be small or big, it all depends on you.

  • Road trips are to be done once or twice in the summer. They are short and intense experiences that will give you many stories to retell.

  • Some people like to have chill summers. This is not a great approach. The best process is the one with moderation, where you can have days you chill and days where you do nothing. A balanced approach will give you the best of both.

  • A simple mistake that is made is waiting to be invited. Life is too short; you have to take the initiative. That way, you'll get the summer you want instead of hoping for it.

Hopefully, you are seriously considering making an effort for a fun summer. Yes, there will be challenges, flaky people, etc.

But that's life.

And we can't expect things to happen without our initiative.

Because despite all the bumps, you will be surprised how fun you can have each summer. Surprising you even more than the Eiffel tower changing heights.

Until next time,


The Charismatic Nerd


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