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Lessons from UFC 281

Short email today.

I returned from vacation and needed time to write my article (Being Okay to Disappoint Others).

But in the meantime, I want to talk about an important lesson from UFC 281's main event: Adesanya vs Pereira.

The fight was a five-round championship match.

And for four rounds, Adesanya was winning. He was hitting Pereira more times than he was getting hit. It was not looking good for Pereira.

Before the fifth and final round, Pereira's coaches told him that he was losing. And that he had to give it his all in the last round or lose the fight.

His coaches were unsure that the message was received.

But Pereira came out to the fifth round with more aggression and pressure than he had shown in the entire fight. And two minutes into the round, he (technically) knocks out Adesanya.

An excellent win for the ages.

But what's the main lesson from all this?

It doesn't matter what happens in your past.

You can change the direction of your Life. Periera could have been down or sad that the previous four rounds did not go in his favour. But he didn't care; he realized he had one more round to make the difference. And he changed the fight.

We have to remind ourselves of this.

Maybe we don't have a great social life, dating life, career, etc. But all that can change with what you do today and on. Your story doesn't end with your past. It ends when you die. So as long as you are able-minded and able-bodied, you can change your story.

Perhaps that requires going on NoFap, seeing a therapist, being more courageous, social, etc. Whatever it is, you can change your strategy in Life and do something.

That's what Pereira did.

In the fifth round, he adjusted his strategy and won the fight.

Life is all about adjustments.

It's not about being perfect. But making the necessary changes. If you are self-aware and do this consistently, Life will reward you, just like it rewarded Pereira.

Now onto Adesenaya.

His problem was that he got comfortable and was looking for a decision wain (going to the judges). And this has worked for him during his title run in the UFC. So why would he change, right?

But that's the problem.

You can't be stagnant in fighting.

Heck, you can't be static in Life.

As you all know, you can have everything going right for you, but if you get comfortable and stop evolving, Life will catch up to you.

Adesanya expected a win and got knocked out.

So don't go thinking other people have it better than you.

Focus on you and what you can do now.

And the results will speak for themselves in the long run.

Until next time,


The Charismatic Nerd


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