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Motivational Speakers are for Chumps

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Yeah you heard me.

If you constantly listen to motivational speakers AND do nothing.

You're a chump. That includes people who get inspired for a short amount of time.

Then go back to their old selves.

It's embarrassing to consume so much motivational speaking and do nothing.

And these motivational speaker are so generic. UGH.

They just say things that make you feel good. But are you any better from it?

There is one motivational speaker (won't name him) but he goes on about wanting your dreams more than breathing.

I get what he is trying to say, but it's an empty statement.

He's going over the fundamentals of get to a level of becoming that person who wants to achieve the dream.

Doesn't sound sexy, but that's a fact.

If you want to get a LL Cool J type body, that's going to require you to change your eating habits. Start working out, organizing your schedule around it etc.

Now some dweebs are going to say you need to be motivated firt.

NO mothafucka.

You need discipline.

Discipline outlasts motivation.

Discipline builds confidence.

Discipline leads to freedom.

Now for a limited time (like this week only), I'll be offering discipline plans to help you implement and hold yourself accountable to yourself.

The link is below.


Vigorous Evolution

Helping young men build and develop their self-confidence for a greater life.

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