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Muslim Terrorist Way of Confidence

You ever wonder how much conviction Muslim Terrorists have in their ways?

It's so interesting, because a lot of Muslim terrorists from the West were bums/losers. Seriously, they are. Most of them didn't even follow Islam until their "awaking."

Then what came with this awakening was their conviction of the mission of whoever indoctrinated them.

You know what the difference was between their bum state and terrorist state?

Having a mission in life.

Believe it or not, having a mission will give your life direction. It will give you a way to measure your personal success.

And these terrorists guys after finding their mission, are willing to DIE for it. I ain't saying to go that extent, but you get my drift.

Every man needs a mission in his life, and a POWERFUL mission (no weak baby shit). Because with this mission you will have focus, you can base your decisions on whether this supports your mission or not. It makes life easier for you.

Although I am not condoning these terrorist scums, you have to still admire what having a mission can do to invigorate your life.

And in my confidence guide ebook, we talk about how to construct a personal mission that help guide your life.


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