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My Opinion On What Books To Read

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Not gonna lie.

This question gets annoying. BUT for my fellow email list, I will make an exception

I love you guys too much to not give you an answer.

The books I highly recommend are (drum roll please):

How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

The Magic of Thinking Big by Jaden Schwartz

These three books help with developing your confidence in interpersonal relations (even inter-sexual relations ooh la la), emotional control (to deal with the after effects of ooh la la) and being ambitious.

Now if you're on my email list, you want to improve your confidence, challenge yourself and grow. And being on my list is a great first step.

Second step, is to read those three books and APPLY IT.

If you don't read those books and apply it, then you can unsubscribe. You have to want to help yourself first.

Believe me, you are more capable than you think. It amazes to know that many of you guys have unrecognized talents and strengths. YOU ARE VALUABLE.

Tell yourself this everyday. These three books I mentioned will help light the eternal fire in you.When you realize your true potential, then you will realize what you need to do in life.

Now go buy these books and make your big brother proud.

Until next time.


Vigorous Evolution

Helping young men build and develop their self-confidence for a greater life.

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