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No Pain, No Cofidence Gain

I'm going to tell a story. A basketball story in fact.

When I play basketball, I get possessed by a trash-talking cocky son of a gun.

It's an alter ego I don't understand nor can control. People hate or love me.

This one time I was playing threes back in my college days.

On my team was myself, a good friends, and a random Chinese international student. We were all under 5'11. The team we were up against, was over 6'2 and were all athletic, but that didn't faze us.

So we play these guys. And what do you know, we were dominating them. Our shots were coming in like rain. We couldn't be stopped.

It came to game point (meaning if we scored, we won) and I had the ball. I'll never forget it, I had the ball and was very far from the net. But I was making crazy shots all game.

So I pull up for the game winning jumper and yell obnoxiously "GAME."

I wanted to embarrass the opposition. I wanted to send a message to the whole basketball community with this shot. I knew this game was ours.

As I looked, I realized that my shot didn't make it. In fact, I completely air balled that shot. This pissed off the opposing team so much, a guy yelled at me saying "YOU CALLED GAME ON THAT!"

Next thing you know, these guys decided to ramp it up. They go the ball and scored on every possession. My team couldn't get a bucket in. Plus, my friend got an elbow to his nose and got it bloodied.

We lost the game. My friend was livid with me. And you know what, if I had to redo that whole situation over. I would do. The. Exact. Same. Thing.

Because when things don't go your way, you have to have the confidence you will bounce back.

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