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SpongeBob's Secret to Life Success

Who would of thought?

That we could learn something from SpongeBob. The care free, silly, never maturing SpongeBob. Well young Jedi, I will tell you. What makes SpongeBob a success in his own right, is the fact that he never lets the past get in the way of his life.

No matter how many times he fails his driving test, gets ragged on by Mr.Krabs, make mistakes in his everyday life. He still shows up with the same enthusiasm in his life everyday.

SpongeBob is on some master philosophical shit. Really he is.

You don't see him stopping because of things in his past. Nah, he keeps going like it never happened. Don't get me wrong, SpongeBob can cry here and there, but in the end he moves on.

A lot of guys I see struggle with their past. It hangs over them while they should be learning from the past and improving. Life isn't going to wait, so move on young Jedi.

Your life is waiting for you. Being upset about your past and how you got screwed over will never help. Realize this and you're half way there.

Now how about the other half.

For a limited time, I will be offering consultations on how to improve your well being. This will include a plan to follow and accountability.

Keep in mind, I will be only accepting 5 participants.

The link to book a consultation is below.

And remember, you're a rock star, you just gotta pick up the instrument and start practicing.


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