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Stoics and Hoes

Being a stoic can help you with the ladies (oooh la la).

I ain't a bonafide player, but being stoic has helped me take dem hoes off their pedestal.

Stoicism trains you to see things for what they truly are. And in this day of age, that's a superpower.

Whenever I'm interacting with an attractive lady, I'm not at a loss of words, I'm not nervous, I'm just having a conversation with a human being.

Now, I'm not saying I'm a handsome, charismatic, well-read, ambitious and fit fellow...Actually, I am, BUT when I see a girl, I see a human being with insecurities, fears, desires, and the same shit everybody else has. I see them for what they truly are.

Learning about stoicism AND developing my self-confidence has been a lethal combination.

Because of my self-confidence, I became sure of myself. And with stoicism, I see things for what they truly are. Altogether, it's hard for me to get intimidated by anybody. The same can happen to you.

Now, I can help you with your confidence, just follow me on twitter to get the good shit. As for stoicism, go read these two books: The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday and Letters from a Stoic from Seneca. That's it for today boys.

Good luck,


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