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Strategies for Navigating These 5 Major Lifestyle Changes

(This is a guest post from Linda Robinson of

You can sense that you’re on the cusp of a big lifestyle change, but you’re not sure how to handle all of the transitions that are coming your way. Here are some practical tips from The Charismatic Nerd for navigating some common lifestyle changes, including starting a business, entering recovery, going back to school to switch careers, or coping with a breakup. 

Launching a Business

Maybe you’ve always dreamed about working for yourself, and you’ve finally come up with a great business idea. There are plenty of solopreneur ideas to consider including web design, freelance writing, home repair, data entry, tutoring, social media management, dog-walking, landscaping, junk removal, event planning, and many more! If you’re launching your own small business, don’t skip over key administrative tasks, like registering for LLC status. With this business structure, you’ll benefit from limited liability and tax breaks. You won’t have to deal with much paperwork, either! 

Changing Careers

Perhaps you know that entrepreneurship isn’t for you, but you’re unhappy in your current career path. Take some time to reflect on your career so far, and consider what you’re truly looking for in your dream job. You may even want to create a vision board illustrating what your life would be like in your ideal position! 

If you would need to earn a new degree to break into your chosen field, consider enrolling in an online program. Whether you want to study business, education, nursing, hospitality, or information technology, you’ll learn valuable skills while completing your coursework around your work and family obligations. 

For instance, if you’re interested in exploring the complexities of the human mind related to psychology, you have a number of options in terms of what area you concentrate on, whether it’s media and technology, industrial-organizational human resources, or even pursuing a master's degree! This will open a lot of doors career-wise, and thanks to the flexibility of online learning, you’ll be able to proceed at your own pace. To learn more, take a look at this popular option.

Moving to a New City

Before considering a move, explore whether it’s a good time to sell your home. You may also want to look into any valuable upgrades you can make before putting it on the market. Making a few improvements could help you see a larger return on your investment. You’ll also need to determine whether you are going to buy or rent in your new city. That will largely depend on your financial situation and your plans for the next few years.

If you’ve just moved somewhere new, you may have trouble adjusting. It can be tough to adapt to the rhythms of life in a new place. Grounding yourself with a daily meditation practice can help - you can even try taking meditative walks around your neighborhood to get to know your community! 

If you’re struggling with homesickness, Moving also recommends prioritizing making new friends. You may want to consider volunteering, joining a recreational adult sports league, or getting involved with a hobby group centered around one of your interests.

Handling a Breakup

Almost everyone goes through a breakup at some point in their lives. If you were used to living with a partner, you might feel overwhelmed by the thought of going through life on your own. Furthermore, the emotional side of heartbreak can leave you reeling and struggling to handle your daily responsibilities. 

To get over a breakup in a healthy way, Prevention recommends redirecting your thoughts towards positive distractions, prioritizing hobbies that you put on the back burner during your relationship, enjoying exercises such as yoga, spending more time with friends, and allowing time for closure.

To help you better cope with the stress of your breakup, consider adding some houseplants to your home. Even if you’ve never had houseplants before, they are easy to care for and you can find helpful care tips online. Adding some greenery to your home will help you feel better.

Working Through Loss

Navigating the turbulent waters of significant loss requires both inner strength and external support. One key strategy is to allow oneself to fully grieve, acknowledging the pain without judgment. Creating a safe space to express emotions, either privately or with trusted individuals, can be healing. It's also important to maintain routines that provide stability and purpose, even if they're modified. Seeking professional help, like therapy or counseling, can offer valuable coping techniques and perspective. Remember, healing is not about "moving on" but rather finding a way to carry the loss, integrating it into one's life journey.

For most of us, embracing change is far from easy. However, with some conscious and consistent effort, you can rebuild the foundation of your life and welcome the new opportunities that are coming your way. These time-tested tips can help you feel more confident about starting your own business, relocating to a new city, or facing whatever other challenges life throws your way.

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