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The Disease Most Men Unknowingly Have

There is an 85% chance you have this disease too. In fact, this disease has caused a lot of men today to not reach their true potential.

What is this disease I speak of? Well, it's called: Average Frustrated Chump Disease (aka AFC Disease).

What are some of the signs of an AFC Diseased fellow? -Doesn't have goals in life. -Girls always say "Let's Just Be Friends." -Out of shape. -Not happy with his job. -Not respected by his peers.

Honestly, this list can go on. If a guy suffers from two or more of these signs, then he has the AFC Disease. BUT, here's the good news.

ANY guy can rid himself of this disease. Yes, any man. And what that requires is building his self-confidence.

If a man is confident with himself and has a vision, then this AFC Disease will vanish. And if you're serious about wanting to get rid of this disease, you can reply to this email and book a consultation with me (where we go over an action plan in developing your self-confidence).

No man should go through life without tasting his potential.

Until next time,

Bulcha Vigorous Evolution

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