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The King of Instagram has fallen

The king has fallen.

The people are storming the gates, the ministers are on the run.

The nobles are nowhere to be seen. Blood is spilled in the comment sections.

Okay, I’ll stop.

I felt like a BBC reporter for a second.

Although most of my report is not true, the king falling is true.

The king of Instagram Dan Bilzerian has been exposed. He said he owned a $65 million dollar home, but he rents it. He said that he won his money through poker, but he is a trust fund baby. And all the girls that hang out with him are actually paid to hang out with him so that he can look cool on Instagram.

Now, I don’t want to be the guy that kicks a man while he is down. But it’s hard not to criticize this guy.

He goes on Instagram, showing this lavish lifestyle that he claims is all organic but isn’t.

When I first saw Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram, I didn’t care much for it. I wasn’t jealous, I just thought he earned this lifestyle and I moved on.

However, I did always wonder why he put so much effort on his Instagram page to show his lifestyle. If he was truly rich and secure, he wouldn’t spend a second caring how he appears on Instagram.

I mean, if you’re filthy rich, you would realize you better spend time where it matters. Like people that genuinely like you, hobbies you enjoy, the projects you love.

You know, living a life that is true to you.

But I guess his whole image was a sham.

I remember reading a quote from Paulo Coehlo where he said that subtle signs tell the story.

Had I applied that to the king of Instagram, I would have been able to see that this was a guy trying to get as much attention for himself, whether that be to fill a void or to ease his insecurities. I don’t know.

And when you interact with people, apply the same wisdom.

Read the subtle signs and you will be able to find the story about a person.

Someone bragging about something. The story here is that they are insecure about that topic.

Someone obsessed about how they look. The story here is that the person may be shallow and insecure.

Someone scared to stand up for himself. The story here is that the person doesn’t trust themselves in conflict.

Anyways, not sure where I was going with this.

But if there is one lesson to take away from this email, it’s that self-acceptance and self-love are priceless things that few people actually have.

So seek that out instead of the useless attention on the internet.

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