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The one bad habit causing you to fail at your goals

Ever go driving after a hard day?

You know, where you didn't sleep well the night before, tired all day with all the work you have from school/work. And as you drive home, your eyes feel a little heavy. The drive is quiet, the night is beautiful. No humans around, no stress.

And your eyes close...Until you feel the car swerve out of the lane and you wake up last second to take control of the car!

Fortunately, you come out alive and focus more intently on the drive home.

But when it comes to following goals, people fall asleep at the wheel and crash all the time. Watching their dreams burn up.

You might think there is not much between driving and working towards your goal but there is.

Let's deconstruct a bit.

When you drive, you have a destination in mind.

But to get to that destination, you need to focus on what's immediately in front of you. Like the traffic, the upcoming turns, the gas, the weather, etc.

And each time you pass some landmark you know, you have a better understanding of how close you are to the destination. But you still pay attention to what's immediately in front of you until you get there.

The entire drive, you were not only thinking about the destination, otherwise, you would have missed all the turns and probably got into an accident for not paying attention.

Well, the same applies to working towards our goals.

We have to look at what's immediately in front of us for the goal, instead of just focusing on the goal.

When you pay attention to what needs to be done on a daily basis, you will eventually get to your goal.

Like a car, you have to be mindful of the immediate moment. Or in the case of goals, what needs to be done now.

Obviously, like driving, you make adjustments based on whatever life throws at you, but you still make progress.

Too many people have goals and only think about the goals, but never take any tangible actions towards them.

And keep in mind, nobody is asking you to make huge steps towards your goal. In fact, tiny daily steps will get you a lot farther than you can imagine.

So forget about SpaceXing your way to success, but rather take one tiny step every day.

This philosophy applies to so many of our daily actions like driving, walking, reading, etc. Tiny steps forward.

Then next thing you know, the drive or walk is done, or the book is finished.

So why not apply this to achieve your goals.

Listen, we're all going to die one day. So why not take a tiny step forward today and for the rest of your days.

And on your deathbed, you'll be more than pleased with what you have accomplished.

Have a wonderful weekend.


The Charismatic Nerd

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