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My Ten Minute Relationship

I last a lot longer in sex than I did in this relationship.

So how did I end up in this relationship, well let me tell you.

During my university days, I would study in a food court at my school. So one time, I was studying, and some girls that I knew came by and sat with me. That was all Gucci for me since I didn't mind the company.

After some time, a friend of one of these girls comes rushing over to us. She looked like she was running from Michael Myers. This particular girl sees me and tells me to be her boyfriend, explaining that some guy is asking her out and following her.

To be honest, I didn't get what she was saying, so I went back to studying.

Then 2 minutes later, this one Cameroonian guy comes over to the table we're studying at and tries to talk to the girl that came rushing over.

Then this girl introduces me as her BOYFRIEND. That's when I realized the plan.

So I had to shake this guy's hand and be cordial. The guy was heartbroken and went on to explain how he was weird and all. I could not believe the self-deprecation that was happening, especially in front of a table full of girls.

The guy left, but I felt bad. If this guy had self-confidence and self-respect, he would realize that he didn't have to chase girls. This fellow was handsome and buff, but here he was disrespecting himself in front of women.

Guys, please don't EVER make fun of yourself in front of people or to yourself. NEVER do that shit. You are better than that!

And if you're struggling with this crippling habit, book a consultation with me, and we'll develop an action plan to not only get over this but to become a bolder and more confident you. Just reply to this post.


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