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What a douchebag UFC champion can teach us

Very few personalities annoy me.


There is this one UFC champion I hate.

His name is Israel Adesanya.

Even though he is African, and I love to support African MMA fighters, I hate this guy. Something about him rubs me off the wrong way.

However, after his win over his last opponent this past Saturday, my distaste of him went through the roof.

After his win, his opponent was down with his rear up.

Israel went behind the fallen opponent and dry-humped him. Seeing that after a win, is tasteless, unnecessary, childish.

Even though this made me not like Israel, he did say something in his post-fight press conference that I thought was worth repeating.

He was talking about how people who get bullied, whether at school, work, life, need to fight back. You can’t let people get their way without putting up resistance.

That message resonated with me.

Looking back, I wished I had fought back when I was getting picked on.

Nobody has to endure bullying, yet so many people allow it.

I remember countless times I was picked on and I did nothing to stop it.

Bullying isn’t only confined to school. In the workplace, adults are just as bad.

You have to realize that you do not need to go through the pains of bullying. And to ensure this, you have to be willing to stand up for yourself.

When you stand up for yourself, you will not only get respect from others and the bully. But you will get respect for yourself.

You see, when people are afraid to stand up to someone, it’s because they don’t have much self-respect.

When self-respect is present, people will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviors, no matter who it is coming from.

Whether it be the boss, your parents, friends, spouse.


When you have self-respect, you are telling yourself and the world that there are boundaries.

I think one of the tragic things of not having self-respect is wasting precious time being hurt.

Wasting time being stepped on.

Wasting time being disrespected.

Wasted time not seeing your value.

Life is too short to be allowing ourselves to be bullied. We need to be willing to fight back.

Fight back to have the self-respect we need in our lives.

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