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What are some unorthodox ways of building confidence?

The thing about confidence is that it requires taking action in life.

I used to have low confidence where I would reward people for putting me down. But now, I have healthy confidence and don’t plan on letting it go.

So some unorthodox ways that helped me were joining a combat sports gym. Learning how to fight and being able to defend myself has taught me many things.

  • You’re stronger than you think you are

  • You build mental strength

  • And have a practical skill

What you learn from the gym you can easily transfer into your life and this builds a wholesome type of confidence.

Another unorthodox way to build confidence is to have a fun social life. What I mean is that when you widen your social circle and have a variety of social circles, you are going to see that people are not that different from each other. They have insecurities, likes, dislikes, etc. And when you acquaint yourself with more people, you start thinking that you’re doing just fine and that everything will be okay. Because most people have no idea what they are doing.

And my last unorthodox way is to read a shit ton of books. I’m talking about philosophy, psychology, classics, etc. Because when you start immersing yourself in these types of books, your mind will expand, your view of the world will change, your thinking will change. And when you notice this change, you see that you are growing and investing in yourself. Because most people nowadays live life passively. But by being deliberate in what ideas you feed yourself, you see there is more to life and this builds confidence that many people don’t have.


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