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Why Can't We Just Be Born Confident?

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

I feel this question and the pain behind it.

A high school sent me this question and man did painful memories come up.

I get it, why can't we all just be confident. But here's the thing: Confidence is earned!

If everybody was confident, it would lose it's value in a sense. But in this day and age, when a man is sure of himself, regardless of any external validations (like his bank account, lay count, degrees), is a man that is respected (and a rare sight).

There is too many people who base their confidence on external things and when they face someone who has even MORE impressive achievements, their confidence evaporates. But when you work on yourself to build that internal confidence, nothing can take it away. That being said, internal confidence can never be born with, but earned.

And that's what makes a guy with a solid confidence glow in a world full of insecurities.

Now, many people don't know how to build their internal confidence. Well, if you book a consultation, we can build an action plan to get you on path of glowing self-confidence. Just click on the link below.

Until next time, I'll see you guys later.


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