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Why it’s so hard to achieve anything great

One thing a lot of people (myself included) struggle with is fighting one’s self.

You know what I mean.

You know X is good for you, and if you stay consistent, you will get great results,

But when you attempt to do it, you have to fight yourself. You have to fight your laziness, procrastination, doubt. It takes up energy in just using your will to take action.

And then there isn’t enough energy in accomplishing the goal. As a result, a lot of people end up not doing anything worthwhile in their lives.

So how do you overcome this, well we need to stop this internal conflict.

Nothing can be accomplished when you are internally divided.

So we have to unite ourselves as Gengis Khan did with all the Mongol tribes. And then Mongolia went on to be a beast of a unified nation.

I digress.

We have to be unified as an individual.

What does that look like?

Well, we have to incorporate our sexuality, feelings, mind, and body together.

All of these (and some more that I missed) have to be integrated into the individual.

The thing is, when we suppress one part of our being, we are comprising ourselves.

Sure, we might get satisfactory results in life, but they will never be great.

To be great is to accept your entire being.

Then you can unleash your creativity, your individuality, your vision to the world.

Your work will have people love it or hate it. But that’s how it should be!

Not lukewarm reactions, but polarizing actions.

When it is you living life, you will naturally feel the enthusiasm that comes with it.

Every day is an adventure because every day is an opportunity to express who you are.

And when you are an integrated individual, you will want to accomplish your goals. Not because of the results, but because the process allows you the opportunity to express yourself.

Everything you do will be an opportunity.

When you talk to girls, it’s not because you are trying to get laid, but because you want to express yourself to them. Some girls will love it and fall for you and others will hate it, saving you time from chasing.

When you write your novel, it’s not because you are trying to write the next great novel, but because you want to express yourself in the literary world. Some people will love it and some people will hate it.

When you play your favorite sport, it’s not because you’re trying to be the best player on the court, but because you want to express yourself in the confines of the sport. Some people will love it and some people will hate it.

If you look at anybody great in history, they didn’t keep the confines of their greatness in their field.


It was everywhere in their lives.

Because they chose themselves and chose to express who they truly were. Everybody got a taste of them.

Whether they be with friends, family, lovers, politicians, businessmen.

They always chose themselves, instead of the suffocating roles society tried to impose on them.

You and I truly mean you are a once in a universe occurrence.

So use every bit of your life to express that unique you. And you will soon see that everything to do in life is worth doing.

Since they’ll all be an opportunity to show this world what you are.

So wait no longer.

Choose your self and live a life worth remembering.

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