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You Know You Have What it Takes

You have everything you need to succeed in life.

I can hear some guys saying "Yeah Right."

Well, do you live in a Western country? (Yes)

Do you have internet/ (Yes)

Are all your immediate needs met ? (Yes).

Well guess what, you have what it takes . Whatever goal or challenge you wish you could achieve is within your grasp.

Th only missing ingredient is that you honestly don't believe in yourself.

Believe me, that's the case.

Take me for example: I can be charming, funny, I'm educated. BUT.

When I didn't have that self-belief, none of those mentioned traits mattered.

I couldn't use them to my advantage because I had no self-confidence.

The worst part?

There are so many people who have done more with so much less.

And the only real difference between those individuals and you is the self-belief.

It's shameful to be living in abundance (in a Western country) and falling flat on our faces so easily.

Believe in yourself!

I swear to God, that's half the battle right there. Convincing yourself that you are capable!

It breaks my heart knowing there is countless men who go on living, but not realizing they could do so much more.

And YOU who are so lucky to be on this email list will be reminded of this constantly.

Because you have to believe in yourself no matter what. No matter how crazy or negative the world gets, you have to believe in yourself.

And in tomorrow's email, I am going to show you the specific techniques needed to build a rock solid confidence level.

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