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A simple reminder on your imperfections

What's the best way to think about personal imperfections?

It's tough when you think about it. A lot of people throw overused cliches that lose their meaning.

So it can feel hard to figure out the best way to think about imperfections. That is until Baltasar Gracian told a story that showed the mindset to look at faults.


The King of Arabia was once presented with a scimitar Damascus. His courtiers praised the sword but mentioned that the sword was a bit short.

The King of Arabia summoned one of the princes in his court, Yacub Al-Mansur. A man who was a well-known warrior for his conquests in Spain.

The king asked Yacub what he thought of the sword.

And Yacub answered that it was worth a city. But the king replied by saying that his courtiers thought it too short.

Yacub grasped the scimitar with his hands and told the king that whatever his sword lacked in steel, he made up with his courage.

That is an inspiring and practical story.

When we have our imperfections, it doesn't mean that we're useless. It's that we find ways to make up for it. The courtiers insinuated the sword was useless, but for Yacub, the sword was enough, as his courage would do the rest.

We need to take a page from Yacub and find ways to make up for imperfections. This can be courage, wisdom, excellent social skills, etc.

There are so many things under our control.

But many of us get hung up on something not within our control.

That is not the way.

Focus on what is under your control. And let no imperfection hold you back. Because sooner or later, you'll realize you never needed to be perfect.

Until next time,


The Charismatic Nerd


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