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Are you unknowingly letting your most prized possession rust?

Have you ever seen a katana sword?

They are beautiful swords and many people across the world will pay big bucks to just have one.

And in many cases, their katana sword is their prized possession. Now the only annoying thing about the katana sword is that it needs to be taken care of. It has to have a film of oil before going in its scabbard. And then monitored overtime to ensure that there is enough oil.

The oil on the sword is to prevent it from rusting.

Otherwise, neglect will have a beautiful katana sword looking horrible and useless.

The only reason I bring this up is that many people seem to neglect their most prized possession. Which causes it to not only lose its value but its use throughout time.

And to think that neglect wasn't enough, some people will unknowingly corrupt their prized possession, damaging it further.

The funny thing about all this is that we all have the same prized possession.

In fact, every human being in existence has had this prized possession.

What's this prized possession you ask?

It's ourselves!

You are your most prized possession.

If you applied yourself, you can do wonders. Yet, we neglect ourselves through staying in our comfort zone/womb, not challenging ourselves, not being courageous, etc. And to think we are not making matters worse, we corrupt ourselves through compulsive masturbation, addictions to social media, addiction to Netflix.

You have to understand this: people will come and go; money will come and go, but you always have yourself!

So instead of relying on others or the economy, why not focus on yourself.

If you invest in yourself, love yourself, discipline yourself, show compassion to yourself. Then you are preparing to deal with a chaotic world.

So that no matter what happens, you have the confidence to deal with it.

A lot of people get stunned when unexpected things happen, like their spouse leaving them, getting laid off, losing money, etc. And although these are unfortunate moments, people who have not invested in themselves feel the stings of life's sucker punches a little more.

Life at times will be cruel and random, but you have yourself.

Your most prized possession.

So start treating it with some more respect and get it ready to deal with the world.

So how can we polish our prized possession, well, take a look below to get some ideas:

  • Stop masturbating.

  • Read 10 pages of one book per day.

  • Initiate hangouts with friends.

  • Work out.

  • Work on a passion project for 15-20 min per day.

  • Journal daily.

Remember to treat yourself with the utmost respect, because in the end, all you really have is yourself.

Until next time,


The Charismatic Nerd


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