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How can I build confidence in myself?

Aaah the glory of confidence. Where does it come from? How can I find this hard-to-find treasure?

All my life I’ve been seeking confidence, thinking I had to do X or Y to achieve it.

But what I realized that confidence is a lot deeper than any post you can find on the internet (this includes my answer). But I will give it a try.

When it comes to increasing confidence in anything, there is one thing that has to be accomplished.

No matter how tough it is, or annoying it is. Without it, all your efforts will be fruitless.

This one thing is taking action.

Learning a new language, then take action by practicing every day.

Want to have better social skills, then take action, by having small conversations with people every day.

Want to understand a subject better, then take action by studying every day.

You see, you cannot be confident when you’re sitting at home and doing nothing.

You have to be out in the world taking action, and when you do it consistently, you will start naturally becoming confident.

Now some people will say ‘how can I be a confident individual in life?’

The same philosophy of taking action applies.

In this case, find out what YOU like in life. Is it being fit, having a fun social life, writing, etc? Find out what you like and take action. And you will naturally become confident.

Don’t get me wrong, at first it will be difficult, but with every difficulty, you will be getting better which will only add to your confidence. Instead of the fake confidence we see in the world, yours will be genuine, because you can back it up with all the action you took.

Don’t go on waiting for the holy grail of confidence.

Go cultivate it by taking action!


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