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How do I increase my confidence level to get rid of being worried about past mistakes?

When you worry about your past, that means you’re not focusing on the present or future.

And being a guy who contemplated his past all the time, wishing things were different, wish I did this or that, etc.

But in all that thinking of the past, I was robbing myself of the time I had TODAY. Worrying about the past drains your time and emotion.

So how do you overcome the past and increase your confidence?

If you have a traumatic past, go see a therapist. Whether it’s expensive or not, go see one. The healing and self-discovery you get are priceless.

If your past is not traumatic then this is what you should do: focus on building a life you enjoy.

When we worry about the past, that means that we’re not enjoying the present, but let’s not go down that rabbit hole.

Build a life you enjoy and your confidence will naturally rise.


Because, unlike most people, you are creating something, you are investing in yourself, you are becoming a much more wholesome individual.

When you notice that most people have boring lives and do similar stuff, you will come to be proud of your progress and growth. And this will cause you to naturally build your confidence.

Go read books, go watch weird movies, travel, meet new people, join the rec sports team. Figure out what you like and build a life.

It’s easy to have low confidence when you live the same life, year in and year out. But when you throw off your imaginary chains, you will see that you have an enjoyable life, you can improve yourself, and that you can become a better person.

Don’t wait and think you have to be born confident.

Go out and live.

And you will see that it was very simple (not easy) to build your confidence.

Don’t wait anymore, go out and live!


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