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How to stop putting people on a pedestal

The simple and authentic way to stop putting people on a pedestal is by having brutal self-honesty.

When you are honest with yourself, you will be able to value your opinions, thoughts, and self. Because you have shown yourself that you can be trustworthy.

So when you mess up, you can own it, and improve on it.

When you are able to value yourself then you are able to value you others in your life accurately.

So when you see a cute girl or an impressive individual, you will be able to see them as human beings navigating life. Human beings that go through the same emotions and everyday trials we experience.

However, when you don't know how to value yourself, this leads to confusion. You can easily lie to yourself, adopt the values of the media, and be quick to put others on a pedestal.

Putting people on a pedestal just shows that one doesn't know how to value themselves or others well.

And the best way to prevent this is by ensuring that you are honest to yourself.

It's not easy, but it's worth over a lifetime.


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