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Mission Impossible: Building My Self-Confidence

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

For most of my teen and adult life, I had very little self-confidence.

And I didn't even know why for the most part. I would see everybody else with some form of confidence.

Then there was me, with none.

I thought everybody was better than me at everything. But when I started focusing on my self and getting rid of my destructive habits. My self-confidence started to grow naturally.

When I realized this over a period of months, I started being more intentional in building my confidence even more.

Then BOOM!

My confidence sky rocketed to new heights. And this wasn't some cheesy thing where I go on to conquer the world. No, rather I was more sure of my self. I was more receptive to challenges. I was okay with rejection. I was okay with dealing with shit in my life. I became like a fire that grew with whatever life threw at me.

Do you know why?

Because I knew that I would be okay no matter what.

Especially when it comes to trying new thing, most guys confidence just plummets. But you know what, when you're confident, you accept the fact that you will suck! Nobody comes out of their mother's vagina being a pro. Always remember that.

What you need to think is this: "I am capable, I will learn, I will practice, and I will get better."

Remember that always.

When you have rock solid confidence, then you'll look at every challenge-girls, work, side hustle-as something to conquer.

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Until next time, good luck!


Vigorous Evolution

Helping young men build and develop their self-confidence for a greater life.

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