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The brilliance of an MMA coach

Kamaru Usman

Justin Gaethje

Rose Namajunas

You may or may not recognize these names, but these are championship-caliber MMA fighters. All of them are either title holders or once was. If you were to take a look at these three individuals, you wouldn't see how all there are connected besides being MMA fighters. They all come from completely different backgrounds. And all of them have had their own unique path to glory.

So what connects all three of these fighters?


Mastering the basics of MMA fighting.

That one simple philosophy is what has helped them succeed at the highest level of fighting. And this philosophy has been championed by their trainer Trevor Wittman.

When Trevor Wittman went into MMA training, he noticed one thing.

He noticed that at the highest level of fighting, that most fighters have not mastered the basics. I know this sounds odd, how the heck does someone get to the elite levels without mastering the basics.

Well, what Trevor Wittman saw was that fighters did not master the basics of spacing, use of check left hooks, etc. I won't go into the details, but he noticed it and ensured that his fighters, whether they liked it or not, ruthlessly drilled the basics until they mastered it.

But the funny thing is that once his fighters have mastered the basics, he allows them the freedom to use their skills as they see fit.

He doesn't restrict his fighter but instead gives them the opportunity to use their skills the way they want.

Now, you're probably wondering why I'm going all crazy about this and I'll tell you why.

Most people today haven't mastered the basics of living an enjoyable life.

Like most MMA fighters, we think we need flashy skills or some crazy insight.

But to have success, mastering the basics will give you a lot more than you can imagine. Do you think I'm bullsh*tting?

Okay, example time!

A lot of guys I know struggle with dating. And these guys are handsome, educated, and interesting individuals. Yet they make love to their hands on a consistent basis.

So what basic principle are they forgetting about?

Being more social!

If a guy is deliberate in developing his social life, (i.e. by going out more, attending social hobbies, talking to strangers). Then naturally, he will meet some cute women who would be interested in getting to know him better.

Another example is a lack of motivation.

The reason why a lot of guys lack motivation is the fact they failed on a HUGE basic aspect of their lives. Which is not masturbating.

When guys masturbate on a daily basis, they sap their life force. So they become dull and relaxed, not wanting to explore the world more intensely.

I can keep coming up with examples, but you get the idea.

Focus on the basics of your life and a lot of things will take care of yourself.

It's never going to be the complex ways of life that will help but the basics.

It helps Trevor Wittman have two title holder fighters (compared to other MMA gyms that are lucky if they have one titleholder).

And it will help you create an enjoyable life you can be proud of.

Alright, before I end this email, let's go over some basics to help give your life a boost. Focus on the following for the next 6 months:

  • Developing a better social life.

  • Quit porn/masturbation.

  • Self-acceptance (via therapy).

  • Health.

  • Having hobbies.

  • Getting your finances in order.

  • Dress better.

  • Read one book per month.

You only have one chance to live out your best life. So go create a championship-caliber one!


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