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The Secret to Being an Interesting Man

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

I meet a lot of guys in my life. From work, the gym, boxing studio, or whatever random adventures I’m doing. And one thing I notice in most of these men I meet is that their lives are a little boring.

Now, I’m not expecting people to be like James Bond, and I can’t say I’m even close to him (I think of myself as John Wick). But when I start getting to know someone, I find their lives revolve around TV, work, all-inclusive vacations, drinking, and their long-time buddies. It’s disappointing seeing strong, handsome, able men live boring lives. It’s even more frustrating when you see a lot of men living a good chunk of their lives online.

Where’s the Passion for Living?

Instead of living an interesting life, most guys live a boring life. The passion for living seems to have vanished. All the wonders you had as a kid are gone. Yet, the guys that still have that youthful passion of living seems to be the most interesting fellows.

These are the guys that are trying new things, travelling to random places, have interesting hobbies, and are capable of being social with everyone. This youthful passion in combination with adulthood can make for an interesting life that people want to be a part of.

You have to enjoy your life by yourself before you can start attracting interesting people or interesting girls (ooh yeah). What a lot of guys get wrong is expecting people to come into their lives to make a difference. Life doesn’t work that way.

Start taking initiative and start your own adventures. Find out what you like or are interested in and seek it out. Make time every week to do something you would enjoy or try something completely new. Life can’t be lived at home or on social media. Life requires you actually getting your hands a little dirty.

I used to be shy and boring. If anything interesting happened to me, it was because someone invited me or coordinated it for me. I was a dud. After some time I was sick of this life and started doing things I would be interested in. I started working out, started reading books, joined a boxing gym, took initiatives to be social. This was all a five year period where I wanted more out of life. And the amazing part was I got out of life what I put in.

It’s embarrassing to think now, but to make my life better, all I had to do was put more effort in creating the life I wanted. Once I left my home and became more social, the more friends I made, the more interest I got from girls etc.

We all hear that life is short, which is just even boring to read. Yet, this statement only holds true when you have a passion to live life. Honestly, it amazes me how people can live boring lives. I attend boxing, work out, toastmasters, social with strangers. I even make mundane things in my life fun. The idea of me dying is real, and all I can ask myself is to make the most of my life. And once you start getting this passion for living, you will be the person bringing in the energy. You will be the person that people want to be near. You will be the person ladies find attractive because you seem more interesting. You will be the guy who is not afraid to live.

The benefits of having a passion to live are endless, but the one that sticks out as the best in my not-so-humble opinion is the confidence to stand up for yourself. Although this might seem random, it isn’t. When you have a passion for living, you have to know what you want, and you can’t let anybody stop you from achieving it. One of the reasons people get stopped from getting what they want is when they care about what others think of them. Well, when you want to live your life the way you want, you will realize how pointless it is to care what others think. Why hold your life back for someone else. Kind of crazy eh?

In today’s environment, it doesn’t take much to stand out. Realize what type of life you want to live and go out do it. Don’t wait for anybody to help make the life you want. There are too many boring men out there, go be the one that stands out.

How to Start Being Interesting

Now it may seem daunting to go out and live, but it isn’t. To help you get started, check out these posts to get you primed in living a more wholesome life:01 Best Hobbies for Men

Don’t take these posts as a strict guideline, but more to help you brainstorm. They might even be good to start with as well.

Anyways, make sure once you finish reading these posts you start building the life you want to live. Don’t wait my friend, start as soon as you can.


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