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What do I do if a girl shows no interest in me but I really like her?

This might be tough to accept, but you have to move on. I understand some answeres here have mentioned it, but it’s worth repeating.

The best remedy to get over someone and start attracting other women is by building a life you thoroughly enjoy.

From my experience, I found that when I liked a girl a lot and she showed no interest, I found myself to be a very boring/average person. And what I mean is that I didn’t invest in myself, I didn’t take risks, I didn’t meet new people/women, I didn’t do anything.

When I was a boring person, seeing a girl I had an interest in was the only highlight of my day or week. Which is wrong and sad.

When I started to be more active in building and living a life I enjoyed, I came to have never really like a girl, because I was too busy living life.

I know this is easier said than done, but building a life you enjoy and you will start attracting more people. And then you can choose who best fits you.


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