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Every decision you make is kinda of important

One thing you need to consider when you live your life is that all your decisions are important.

Whether it is big or completely insignificant, each action is important.

Why you may ask?

Well, according to Rollo May, the inner decisions you make in your hour to hour life helps to either build you up or keep you down.

This is even more true when challenges come your way.

Will you embrace the challenge and build towards being a resilient person?

Or cower away and build towards a person afraid of life?

Because of my unhealthy obsession with combat sports, I’ll use a boxing example.

In boxing, you can quickly see who has the mental fortitude in a fight. It’s the fighters that don’t shy away from difficult situations. They are the ones to take punishment to dish it out.

And to get to that fighting mentality doesn’t come by accident. The fighters that standout got their mental fortitude through the small decisions they made in training. Each moment in training, they made decisions to keep pushing themselves even when exhausted physically and mentally.

Then when it comes to fight night, where the stakes are higher, they’ve already built themselves to be a fighter ready to conquer.

This applies to you too.

Your life is constructed from small decisions you make every day. And if you make the daily decisions that will help you become a person who is confident, resilient, social, and trustworthy. Then over time, you and many other people will come to see you as a wonderful individual.

Some people try to skip the process of making consistently good decisions and just try to think themselves into being a great person.

You will see this with the positive people and the law of attraction. Which I find to be BS.

The reason I think it’s BS is that you can’t rely on thinking. Thinking is only part of the equation.

We have to remember, we are thinking-feeling-intuitive and acting beings. Which means we have to integrate thinking with action, feelings, and intuition.

In order to think of yourself as something, you have to take the necessary action to prove it.

You can’t think yourself to be a social butterfly if you just stay home and flake friends or dates.

You can’t think yourself to be intelligent if you just consume social media.

You can’t think yourself to be interesting if you do not have a life outside of school or work.

As human beings, we are multi-dimensional beings. We are thinking-intuiting-feeling and acting unity. I can’t stress that enough.

We need to accept ourselves completely in order to live a great life. You can’t strictly rely on thinking alone, intuition alone, feeling alone, or action alone. They all have to be used together.

The problem people face is they do too much of one and too little of others. For me, I did too much thinking and used little intuition, feelings, or action. And that’s why a portion of my life was dark.

Use your entire being in living a great life.

Anyways, I digress.

So when you are living your life, treat each decision you make with a little more seriousness.

Before you take part in a bad habit, ask yourself:

Is this action helping me become a person that I will be proud of?

With that in mind and by making the right decisions, you’ll naturally become the person you always wanted to be.

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