I Made Someone Angry?

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Okay, I got ALOT of questions from yesterday's email.

And some were not happy campers.

So to alleviate the stress I'll answer some questions I was asked.

Proof of the effects of not masturbating?-Well go and google it. But if you want a great resource, go visit NoFap on Reddit, they will have those answers.

Won't no jerk off make sex quicker?-Everybody is different, but it will be more pleasurable.

How can not masturbation help, like give some examples-Playing sports, being more assertive with women and people in general, not taking other people's bullshit.

That's enough questions for today, because I don't like talking about masturbation too much. But listen here, if you are not where you want to be at life (career, women, money), then use your sexual energy for a better pursuit.

And if you need help realizing where to put this energy. Book a consultation with me and we'll come up with actionable items to implement in your life to help with your confidence and drive in life.

Until next time,