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Keep Your Hands Out of Your Pants!

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Yup, you better keep your hands out of your pants.

And not for my sake (ew). But for yours!

Listen, you're going to get some great advice on being a better you "naturally."

Meaning not cocaine for some of you haha!

A simple way of getting better naturally is to quit jerking off.

For some of you, it means quit masturbating.

Hey, we all do it. BUT if you quit, you are going to get natural powers.

And what do I mean by powers. Well lets list them off:

Being more assertive, not conflict averse, sexual with girls, and most importantly confident.

The reason why jerking off has been looked down upon for centuries is because it kills the impulse to achieve great things. You look at past inventors, explorers, conquerors they redirected their sexual energy to their pursuits. And boy, did they achieve some shit.

Now the question is: can you keep your hand out of your pants for greatness.

When that impulse to look up Mia Khalifa comes up, are you going to cave in? Or realize your dreams and goals are worth more than Mia Khalifa's tits.

I know it's funny to read, but seriously think about it though. So much of your life is waiting for you and you can literally astound yourself with what you can do when you stop masturbating.

If you're looking to quit this life-sucking habit and build a system to improving your confidence, book a consult with me on this link.

Alright boys, until next time.

Keep your hands out of your pants.


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