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The One Time I was Jealous of a Psycho

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

You read that right.

There was this one psycho I met when I worked at a psyche hospital. For purposes of privacy, let's call him Gerald.

Gerald was literally out of his mind. No sense of logic or realism existed at all in his head. He would say some of the darnest things like "My sister is soo hot" or "I was chilling with Drake one time and he asked me if I wanted his girlfriend Nicki Minag, and I was like sure!"

So you get the drift with how crazy he is. Well this one time, Gerald was listening to some serious R&B. And when I mean serious, I mean baby making type music.

So Gerald is all by himself in this corner sitting on a couch listening to songs that would make you want to hump a girl rated 2.5. I see Gerald and don't think much of it. I go around the hospital unit making sure no one is causing trouble.

Then as I come I around, I see Gerald laying on the couch on his four limbs and pretending to hump the air as if Kim Kardashian had her legs wide open. Because this shit was inappropriate (and mentally scarring), I told Gerald to stop that shit.

Gerald just casually looked at me and carried on his fake amazing sex session.

Now this is where shit gets really weird. I was at the time jealous of Gerald. Because he didn't give two shits what I was thinking.

Gerald was so comfortable with who he was and the shit he was doing, it didn't matter what anybody else thought.

And when you book confidence consultation with me, I will show you ways to get to this level of confidence without losing your sanity. But mind you, I only accept 10 new clients a month, and 8 spots are already taken.

If you want to have the self-assurance of Gerald, then hit me up at the link below.


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