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Where to Find Your Personal Greatness

And you won't find it in a girl's vagina.

Where can we find this Personal Greatness that we all have?

It has missed 99% of all men who ever lived.

Heck, most men don't even go looking for it. They prefer just to get a job, watch their favorite sports team, and pop a can of beer.

BUT YOU my friend are not like these men. No, you are far greater than this! And for you to find this Personal Greatness is through creating and improving yourself.

This will require working out, going to therapy for traumatic events, reading books to open your mind, etc.

With every rep, therapy session, book, healthy eating and more, you pull from the Divine Origin of your Creation. This is where True Authenticity and Personal Greatness can be found (credit to Max Panzer twitter @becomingaforce).

This is where you find you Personal Greatness. Not in Netflix shows, not by hanging out with toxic people, not by stagnating.

Every single one of you on this email list knows they are capable of so much more in life. And if you want to get a start in a new chapter in life, book a consultation with me (by replying to this post) and we'll go over an action plan to develop your confidence so you can start enjoying life.

Until next time, Bulcha

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